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****If you haven’t received the pricing guide from us in less than 24 hours than check your spam folder. To avoid this, please add an exception in your email for and or go ahead and shoot me an email to that address. Thank you!*******
Please send a list of all Juices/products you will be wanting to sell as well as pictures of ALL labels to after filling out your application here.

VapeMania 17 Vendor FAQ

1) If you have labels/marketing/or any other product or thing that is a Trademark or Copyright infringement; and/or you have labels that would be considered marketable to children in any way – then you will not be allowed to vend at our events. If you are thinking it might be questionable please feel free to email pictures of your labels/signage/ect to us to If you fail to uphold this rule and bring those product(s) to the event somehow getting past us – then we will ask you to leave immediately with no refund (as per our contracts). Once you send us your list, if there are any labels/products we deem unfit for our TOS – you can still vend at our event if you agree to leave all of those products/marketing at home. If we explicitly tell you a brand you cannot bring and you bring it anyway you will be escorted out of the show immediately with your booth and the fee you paid us for it being donated to the advocacy group of our choice. If you bring something we didn’t know about and it violates our TOS you will get one warning to remove it; failure to do so will result int he same above action.

2) Do not have any marketing on labels/banners/or anything else that says “FDA approved”. Not one bottle of e-juice made is FDA approved at this point and time – and it sends a strong negative message that we are willing to lie to try and gain favor with customers.

3) If you are selling Ejuice with nicotine of any type then you will have to fill out an NC-BA2 form and send it in, it costs $10 and allows you to vend in North Carolina. Pretty simple – cut and dry. To find out more about the law we will gladly send you the law itself, a law FAQ and the ba-2 form you need to fill out! (Non-juice selling vendors, vendors only giving product away, or any vendor who is only selling 0 nic is exempt)

4) Other than that – you should be good to go! We have to stand by strict guidelines for the betterment of our industry. We will inevitably get more angry emails when we have to reject a brand for violations of these policies – and we are ok with that. If you feel like you would be in violation of rules 1,2 and 3 then I implore you to make the change in your brand for the betterment of Vaping!

​Thank you, and we look forward to having you vend with us in September!.

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